A bipartisan group of people long around Lansing politics and government is laying out Issue Competency 101 for Michigan’s next governor. The Michigan’s Next Governor Project has developed a 21-page document of specific questions and points spanning a myriad of topics related to the state and its government structures. Their goal is to outline the issues that will face whoever takes office in January 2011 and to generate public conversation on challenges for the state and its next chief executive. Amy Lane, Capitol Correspondent, Crain’s Detroit Business

(To read Amy Lane’s full article, or the introductory article by Richard Cole and Richard McLellan that appeared in the September issue of Domemagazine.com, or other news coverage on the Michigan’s Next Governor Project, click the ”In The News” tab above.)

Why Michigan’s Next Governor Project?

The purpose of this blog is to stimulate civil discussions involving everyone from political figures and journalists to professors and other Michigan residents on issues that have an impact on the State of Michigan. This forum is meant to engage residents on policy issues along with providing Michigan’s next governor with important tools to help govern the state.

Please add your comments.

All questions are structured in a manner that allows any candidate for governor, or candidate for other statewide office, to benefit from the information submitted, or to answer themselves. As a resident, this blog is your opportunity to make your voice heard and to help advise Michigan’s next governor on issues that are important to you.

Policy issues are located on the left side of the blog. Feel free to click on any issue(s) that is of interest to you.

The blog is maintained as a special project housed in the Department of Advertising, Public Relations, and Retailing at Michigan State University, and will be of special value to students engaged in issues management, public policy, political science or other courses at schools and higher education institutions across the state. The opinions expressed do not reflect the opinions of the university, its department or faculty or the individuals managing the blog.


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